Laufhaus 101: The Cons

It’s been quite a while since my last post. I’ve been kept busy by some personal stuff, but I’m eager to get back on track when it comes to keeping this blog updated.

It’s time to continue where we left off.

We’ve discussed all the pros that are offered by a Laufhaus.  Now, it’s time to talk about its downsides of this kind of establishment.  There are always two sides to any situation. If I tell you that there are no cons in connection with a Laufhaus, then I’m lying.

Here are some of the cons of going to a Laufhus:

  • The prices. While the prices of the services in a Laufhaus start low (you can actually have some fun with just €50 in your pocket) that can be a bit misleading. Your €50 can actually get you a quickie but nothing extra. If you want something more, then you would have to pay more. The price of each upgrade in the service can be very steep.
  • There are too many of them. This is true at least in some areas of Europe, like in Vienna for example. Why is that a bad thing? While in some ways, this is actually a good thing because there are more choices for customers, the main problem is that it does little to improve the quality of the overall service that one can get.
  • Nothing new. This has something to do with there being so many Laufhauses now in some places.  Each new establishment does not have anything new to offer to its clients. There is also very little done in order to attract independent girls.
  • Not accountable. Some girls who provide bad service to their customers repeatedly do not have to face any consequences for their actions. In most cases, as long as they pay the rent for their room, then they get to stay. If you happen to have a bad experience with one of them, you can just try again next time and avoid that girl.
  • Many girls don’t seek to get regular clients. This is a problem with many girls working in Laufhauses today. Many of them do not have the right mind set and so they don’t work towards gaining regular clients. They just want to make a quick buck and so they don’t bother to treat their clients in the right way. This is why some guys leave there totally unsatisfied and vowing to never come back.

So, these are the cons or the downsides of Laufhauses.  What do I think of these establishments overall?

I think they’re great and that their services are generally good. It’s just that there are always a few bad apples in terms of girls who give poor services. That’s something that you can expect in almost any industry.

Next stop: I’ll be writing some of my personal experiences when it comes to visiting the brothels and Laufhauses  near my area. Hopefully, you can learn something from my own experiences and you can avoid the mistakes that I made.

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  1. Laufhäuser can be a lot cheaper. In Germany service starts at around 20 Euro for a quick suck and fuck experience in Frankfurt’s RLD. The higher you walk up the building the cheaper the whores get. Some are desperate for 20 to 30 bucks.
    There are local boards online for most bigger RLDs in Germany where provider reviews are posted. They list good performers and bad apples. I remember one of them being called MST Forum.
    The houses can be fun during times when traffic is not as busy imho.

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