Laufhaus 101: The Pros

I’ve written several articles now that discuss my personal experience with Laufhauses or the legal brothel Europe. I have plenty of other stories to share, but for now, I’ve decided to write something which can be more instructional.



I know that many of my readers would like to get some useful information which they can use when they visit, so I’m writing about the pros and cons of going to a Laufhaus. This might help them decide if they will go and visit this kind of establishment.

What’s a Laufhaus?

Let’s backtrack a bit and discuss what a Laufhaus is. When you go and search European brothel pics online, many of the images you see there are probably those of Laufhauses. Laufhaus means “walk house” in German and that’s because customers can walk through the corridors of the establishment. In these establishments, customers can walk in and are not obligated to get the services of the girls.

It’s more like a hotel where the girls rent the room from the owner of the establishment and they transact directly with the clients. After the room has been rented, the girls can decide on the prices of the services and their schedule, but there are instances when the establishment owner decides on these things as well, so that the rates would be the same.

Have fun!

Have fun!

Pros of Laufhaus

In my opinion, Laufhauses are some of the best brothels in Europe. These are some of pros that it can offer:

  • The girls work independently, so this means they actually get the money they earn. (Ideally, this is the situation, but in reality, things could be different.)
  • With a few exceptions, there are no entrance fees which you have to pay when you go into an establishment. If you are not satisfied with what you see, you can just leave without having wasted any amount.
  • You are free to talk to the girls and negotiate for better prices or for more services. Of course, there would be few girls who will actually give discounts, but you can talk to them all you want.
  • These places are generally well-maintained and clean. Many establishments also have security which is a huge plus.
  • You don’t have to be loaded in order to have some fun there. You can get a quickie if you only have € 50.
  • The girls in Laufhauses are usually stunning. I’ve never seen an unattractive girl working there. The only regret you will have is that you don’t have enough money.
  • The girls are quite comfortable working there since they have their own rooms. I could sense how things are good for them there. When they are happy and comfortable, they are more willing to please their clients. In other words, if the girls are happy, then you go home happy.

You can check out more articles on my blog to know more about the best or biggest brothel in Europe or how you can have some genuine fun here. In the next part, we’ll be discussing the cons of a Laufhaus.

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