My First Solo Brothel Visit (Part Two)

This is the second part of my story on my first solo visit to a European brothel.

That’s her name, Svetlana. I think that’s a very common female name in Eastern Europe which is where she’s from. I wasn’t able to get that much personal information about her since my time is quite limited, but  I did get to know that she’s 23 years old and that she’s been working there for over a year. (But I’m jumping ahead here.)

The scene inside

So, I went to her room and I was glad to find out that she was free. She was sitting on a tall chair like all the other girls in the hallway. Svetlana as a bit surprised to see that I was an Asian guy. I guess she doesn’t get too many Asian clients there. Because time is valuable in a Laufhaus, we didn’t have any time for any small talk aside from the initial hellos. (I was just able to get some more information about her after the deed).

Since it was my second time there, I was already familiar with the rates and I was ready with my money.  The rate there starts at 50 Euros for 15 minutes of blow job and actual intercourse.  I didn’t go there for a quickie so I opted for the 60-minute option which costs 120 Euros and included fellatio and intercourse.

Svetlana was taller than me and she had a thin body which made her look like a model to me. Her breasts weren’t that big, but were not too small either.  She looked younger than her age. She was wearing white lacy underwear and a red robe when I saw her in front of her room.

The Action

After we have agreed upon on the services and the price and I have paid Svetlana, it was time for me to get some action.  She started to take of her clothes and she did it in a teasing kind of way, which was kind of surprising because the first girl that I got there on my first visit removed her clothes in businesslike kind of way.

I was actually disappointed to see that her pussy was shaved. I was hoping to see a hairy blonde down there, but I guess I was bound to be disappointed because shaving is probably a requirement for them. Anyway, when she was completely naked, she started to unbuckle my belt and to pull down my pants. She started to give me a blow job and I have to say that she’s quite skillful at it.

To cut the long story short, I got my money’s worth of fun with Svetlana. She’s amazing in bed and I experienced some firsts during my time with her.

Svetlana’s so good that I was thinking of getting her again on my next visit, but then I realized that I would be missing out on a great deal if I just stick to one girl whenever I go there. I left the Laufhaus that night with a smile on my face and completely satisfied, but I was determined never to repeat a girl if I could help it.


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