My Very First FKK Club Experience (Part One)

After several visits to Laufhauses, I wanted to try something else.  I’ve heard a great deal about FKK clubs and the services being offered there, so I decided that maybe it’s time to visit one. That didn’t happen right away though. I had to wait for a few months before I visited one, but it was worth it.

My first FKK club experience happened a few years ago when I was visiting this city famous for its clubs on behalf of my company. After the first day of meetings, I went out with our clients. We had a few drinks in a bar and we were having a great time.

Our hosts mentioned that there was an FKK club near us. They joked that we might like to go down there and see what it was all about.  From what I gathered, none of them have seen the inside of a club.

Now, to be honest, before I made that trip, I already knew that there was an FKK clubs there. In fact, I was familiar with the FKK club that they were talking about. I have read about it online, but I didn’t say anything. I wanted to focus on the real reason why I was there, which was because of my work.

The Visit

On my last day there I decided that it was time that I find out for myself what the fuss with FKK clubs was all about.

I was quite familiar with how these establishments worked since I’ve been reading about them online. During my last night in the city, I left y hotel room and I headed for the nearest FKK club.

Now, I felt really nervous as I was headed there. I’ve been going to Laufhauses quite frequently by then and I was totally comfortable with the arrangement there, but FKK clubs were different.

Then there was the issue of my race.

I’m Asian and even though I have never encountered any kind of racism during my stay in Europe until then, I couldn’t help but be worried. I didn’t know how the local guys might take to an Asian walking into one of their clubs.

I was also nervous about having to walk around with just a towel to hide my body. I was conscious about how small I would look when I’m inside.

When got to the parking lot of the club, I actually hesitated to go inside. I could feel my own heartbeat. I know that it’s kind of ridiculous but that was how I felt at that moment.

My nervousness was a combination of my excitement with all the girls that I would meet and my worries about going to a place like that for the first time.

Finally, I did gather enough strength to walk inside. I was seriously regretting not getting a drink or two before heading out there, but I have read that they don’t allow clients who are intoxicated already, so I didn’t want to risk getting thrown out there on my first visit.


I clearly remember going up to the reception area and paying the entrance fee.

I know I must have looked ridiculous trying to stay calm and cool, but it was all worth it when I finally got inside and I saw the girls in attendance.

They were nothing like the girls that I’ve had in brothels!



  1. Holy crap! This reminds me of the first time that I walked into a club myself. It was forgettable, but the times after that were OK.

    • Hi there. Thanks for reading the post. Maybe you can tell us more about your experience.

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