What is an FKK Club

FKK is an abbreviation of Freikörperkultur, which can be translated as free body culture.  This movement has a long history in Germany and is related with the nudist and naturalistic movements.  It has a lot to do with how nudity became accepted in German society today.

One of the FKK clubs I’ve visited.

Today there are FKK clubs in Germany and in various parts or Europe. If you are looking for some fun and adventure in Europe, you should visit an FKK club.

Understanding FKK Clubs

An FKK club is a government approved adult entertainment club that caters mainly to men.  This is the modern development of the Freikörperkultur movement. But it’s important to remember that while the Freikörperkultur cultural movement is more in connection with the naturalistic and nudist movements and with the enjoyment of nature in the nude and in enjoying the act of being nude itself while having no direct connection to sexuality, FKK clubs are sexual in nature.

How to Have Fun inside FKK Clubs

In a typical FKK club setup, a client can walk in and pay an entrance fee.  Once inside, a user is free to roam and use the facilities of the club. A client is not obliged to get the services of a girl while there.

Most clubs would have swimming pools, saunas, and massage facilities. There are also areas where food and drinks are served. The clients can dine and drink while inside.

The clients are considered as guests in the clubs and they are provided with everything that they need during their stay.  Guests are expected to change into robes which will be provided.  The clubs will provide a locker, access to a changing room, slippers, and the robe. The fun part is that the ladies inside the club are all naked. Except for the high heels, the ladies stay in the nude while inside.

Getting Some Action inside an FKK Club

Clients are free to mingle with the ladies and should they decide to get some action, they can go to a private room where they can some intimate fun.  A client can negotiate with a girl regarding the sort of service that he will get. It normally includes uncovered BJ, different positions and covered sex.

The fees for the services are standardized within the club so there are no surprises once inside a room. Clients can also ask for additional services like CIM which would have an extra charge.

The Women in FKK Clubs

So, who are the girls working in FKK clubs?

Girls of all races can be found there. Which is it is the ideal place for men who are looking for some real fun and adventure. It’s a place where men can fulfill their fantasies.

Had a great deal of fun here.

It is important to take note that the girls there are not employees of the FKK club. They are independent contractors. This means that whatever happens between a client and one of the girls there is not the official business of the club. While that is the official arrangement, the girls do agree to have a standard charge for their services. This guarantees that the clients can expect how far their money would take them once inside the club.

That’s a brief explanation of what FKK clubs are and what to expect when you inside. There are a lot of things which you need about it and we will discuss those details in future articles. For the next posts however, I would be focusing more on my personal experience with FKK clubs and brothels.

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